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Living in Australia is much more than living “Down under” and enjoying the beachy lifestyle. With excellent educational institutions, a heated labour market, prosperous economy and a relatively quiet lifestyle, it is easy to understand the popularity of this destination among students all over the world. Almost all major Aussie cities are listed as the best cities to live (2019). The question now is not if you’d come to Australia (that’s a no-brainer) but which city is the best for you!

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These are our main destinations in Australia. Explore below and please let us know if you are interested in a city that is not listed.

Discover a new version of yourself

“From the moment I decided to do my  student exchange, my life started to change. From organising everything and contacting Be Ozzy, who helped me a lot until this moment, outside of my comfort zone. I grew a lot and I recommend this experience to anyone. ”


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Studying in Australia can be more fun if you choose a course that matches your interests and, at the same time, is high in demand.

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Work and start building your networking. Be Ozzy is more than happy to help you acquire local knowlege.

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Explore new lifestyles, discover the magic of learning about new cultures and discover a world of opportunities.

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How we can help your dream become a reality

How much does studying in Australia cost? What do you need to get an Australian visa? We can answer all these questions, help with your decision-making and provide the necessary assistance throughout the process.

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