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Sunny, but not so hot throughout  the year.

Education in focus

There are more than 100 educational institutions in WA and Perth is home to 5 universities.


Perth has 2 million inhabitants, it is modern and vibrant.


It revolves around service provision, public administration, medical services, tourism and mining.


A city visited and inhabited by people from all over the world.


Perth is known for sunny days and strong winds.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest state in the country. It is the ideal city for those who love the beach but do not want to give up living in a modern and multicultural capital.

The calm lifestyle is characteristic of Perth, where outdoor activities predominate.

The possibility of travel to the state’s numerous tourist destinations is another great strength of Perth.

There are more than 100 educational institutions in WA and Perth is home to 5 universities, including the renowned University of Western Australia, one of the best in the country.

The best of Perth

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Thank you very much to the Ozzy team for all your support and patience. I loved the assistance that was given during the process of renewing my visa.

Carla Calazans
Carla Calazans
Escolheu Sydney

Best exchange agency there is! Thank you very much for all the support and for continuing our dream of living in Australia! Dope!

Luan Bordoni
Luan Bordoni
Escolheu a Gold Coast

Is Perth the right city for me?

Perth is perfect for those who enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities.

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