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How much does it cost to live in Australia? What do you need to get an Australian visa? We answer all these doubts, help with your decision-making and provide the necessary assistance throughout the process.

How we can help

Living in Australia is the dream of many people, and studying Down Under quite often opens doors to staying and creative a new life in Australia.

Be Ozzy was created because we believe in the power of education to transform lives. But that is not all: We are here for customised planning and solutions that suit the profile of each student and are aligned with the possibilities that Australia offers.

Be Ozzy Experience

Applying and renewing your visa

Be Ozzy provides all the necessary support for the application and renewal of your visa for Australia, whether you are a student, tourist or partner.

Enrolling to courses

Whatever the course you are studying, Be Ozzy manages all the necessary documentation so that your enrollment can be carried out efficiently and successfully.

Banking in Australia

Be Ozzy is partnered with one of Australia’s largest banks – Commonwealth bank – known to Aussies as Commbank. To find out more, click on the link below.

Career Planning

Student coaches with whom we partner also help students to position themselves differently in the Australian job market.

Health Cover

Every international student must have mandatory health insurance (OSHC) during their stay in Australia. Be Ozzy has a partnership with the most renowned operators in the industry.

Looking for a job

Our team promotes targeted workshops and helps you obtain the necessary certifications so that you are able to enter the Australian job market.

Education Planning

Be Ozzy encourages students to understand their long-term goals and, based on them and the options available, we develop a strategy that makes sense for each individual.


Be Ozzy is the only agency that takes its students to incredible tourist destinations in Australia, with everything paid for. Learn more about Be Ozzy Experience here.

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