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Despite having well-defined seasons, Hobart is considered cold by most.


Tasmania has breathtaking fauna, flora and natural landscapes.


Population: 232K people (2018)


It revolves around: Hospitality, tourism, social assistance, education, medical industry and commerce.

Community Feel

Because Hobart is smaller, it preserves a more peaceful and community spirit, more than in other Australian cities.


Home to one of Australia’s best museums, MONA.

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is one of the most accurate destinations for those who want to live an authentic English learning experience. Away from the big urban centres, Hobart is a quiet city despite the very busy cultural and artistic scene.

In recent years it has gained popularity among

international students thanks to state-of-the-art educational institutions and low cost of living.

Tasmanian cities are also known for excellent local cuisine, national parks ideal for ecotourism and wineries. In Tasmania, it is possible to enjoy the beach in the summer and even ski in the winter.

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