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About Be Ozzy

Living abroad can change your life forever. Are you ready to discover the world and a new version of yourself?

The Be Ozzy Manifesto

Living abroad is one of the most transformative experiences that anyone can have.

Unless you can pack your family, job, city and cross the world to live in a bubble, it is impossible to come back from an experience abroad the same way you were before.

In Australia, you will learn to live like an Australian: call your friends “mate”, drive on the opposite side of the road, wake up to the weird sounds of cockatoos, sleep when the rest of the world is getting up.

It is inevitable not to be exposed to completely new ways of living.

You will meet a lot of people. You will even get to know a new version of yourself.

You may also discover a new profession. Discover that this new person has more affinities with the Slovak roommate than with the neighbour he had in Brazil.

You may discover that you love camping, you hate vegemite, that you can live without your favourite snack from home.

You may discover a beach with unforgettable waves. Or a very safe and quiet corner to meditate.

You may fall in love. Not necessarily for someone, but certainly for something. There are plenty of reasons – when you see the first koala, you will understand.

On the other hand, you may find yourself missing things that you never imagined you would. Faced with a world of options, it is common to feel lost.

And when we don’t know what to do, we resort to classic questions to Google, we post a rant on social media, we ask friends for advice…

Except that not all answers are a few keystrokes away. Perhaps your friends are only able to disguise their anxieties better.

Just as the trajectory of each one is unique, the paths also need specific directions.

That is why the Be Ozzy team takes the uniqueness of each student seriously in the Australian context.

We believe that respect for the history and aspirations of each individual is what can make a difference in planning a life abroad.

We understand that your goals are big, maybe even numerous. But behind these numbers, we see a person who is doing their best.

Therefore, it is necessary to be surrounded by specialists who treat your dreams with the due importance that they have.

Have a great journey and count on us.

Be Ozzy Team

Who we are matters.

Living in Australia is a dream for many people, and studying in Australia is the departing point for many ot them.

Be Ozzy was founded because we believe in the power of education to transform lives. But that is not all: there is a need for customised planning and solutions that suit the profile of each student and are aligned with the possibilities that Australia offers. Our compact team of professionals passionate about what they do takes their responsibility seriously. Honesty, ethics and trust are the values that guide our work, where students’ interests are also our greatest interest.

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Our services

How much does it cost to study in Australia? What do you need to get an Australian visa? We answer all these doubts, help with your decision-making and provide the necessary assistance throughout the process.

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Muito obrigada equipe da Be Ozzy por todo apoio e paciência. Adorei a assistência que foi dada durante o precesso de renovação o meu visto.

Carla Calazans
Carla Calazans
Escolheu Sydney

After how many days of waiting my visa is finally GRANTED. Thank you, BE OZZY . I was in a bit of a doubt because of some uncertainty but Ms. Psalm really helps me a lot. And, of course, Ms. Adriana, for responding my queries even at such a late hour. I’m forever thankful to the entire BE OZZY family. They will not give you false hope, but rather a realistic situation. BE OZZY is an excellent option. Finally, I’m off to Australia!!!

Niel Cortez
Niel Cortez
26, Philippines

Melhor agência de intercâmbio que existe! Muito obrigado por todo suporte e por ter dado continuidade ao nosso sonho de viver na Austrália! Top demais!

Luan Bordoni
Luan Bordoni
Escolheu a Gold Coast

I love Be Ozzy!!!

Escolheu a Gold Coast

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