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Study in Australia

Studying in Australia can be a lot more fun than you think. Not only because the friendly atmosphere and natural beauty of the country invite you to take lessons in the open, but because there are courses for all types of interests, duration and priorities.

Types of Courses



Studying English in Australia is the most common gateway for those looking to feel more secure in the language.

English schools in Australia offer courses to meet the most diverse needs: learn grammar rules, improve pronunciation, expand vocabulary or prepare for a specific test.



Studying a vocational course in Australia is an excellent chance to expand your professional horizons and increase your chances of being hired by Australian companies.

VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses offer theoretical and practical training in a specific career in your field of interest.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Going to college in Australia will generate an incredible differential in your curriculum, wherever you seek professional placement.

Higher education in Australia is one of the best in the world, in terms of quality, student satisfaction and global reputation. To give you an idea, of the 100 best educational institutions in the world, seven of them are Australian (2020).

Lifestyle courses

Be Ozzy has countless courses that have everything to do with your lifestyle. Fitness and yoga, massage, gastronomy, early childhood education, sports … Everything for you to live in Australia doing what you love. Talk to our consultants.

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The cost of an exchange program will depend on the length and type of each course. Usually shorter courses cost less and are an option for those who want to test how they adapt to the Australia.

Yes. Yes. Most of the students in Australia can work 40 hours bi-weekly and, during school holidays they can work full time.

Studying in Australia is a transformative experience. You will have the opportunity to interact with countless cultures and live in one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world. Student life obligations and commitments can become lighter, more fun and interesting if you choose a course that suites your personal and professional interests.

Each person has a pace of learning, specific prior knowledge and different ways of absorbing knowledge. With an effort to always be in contact with the language, it gets easier and easier.

Cultural immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language in practice. If you make learning a priority, you will gain fluency in a few months. However, it is very common for exchange students to want to stay longer than initially planned.

You must first decide what and where you will study. Once your enrollment has been completed and the school has issued your enrollment confirmation, or COE (Confirmation of Enrolment), we can now enter the visa application process. Be Ozzy guides and accompanies students through all stages of the process until the visa is approved.

The student visa in Australia lasts for the course you enrolled in, plus 1 or 2 months of vacation after it ends.

The student visa allows the possibility of entering and leaving Australia several times (multiple entry). During the holidays, many students even return to their home country or visit some tropical paradise in Asia.

Any time of the year is good for an exchange. In winter, in general, there are greater offers of real estate. October to November is when the hotel, restaurant and commerce companies start preparing for the high summer season, offering more job openings. If you want to save on tickets, avoid the months of December and January.

Has living in Australia always been your dream?

Now is the time to start planning and Be Ozzy is here to help you.

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