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Living in Australia

The Be Ozzy team does much more than sell courses in Australia. We help students discover and find what they came for. This is the best way to make the most of the opportunities that Australia offers.

How and where to find a place to live in Australia

Finding a place to live in Australia is the first step in building this new stage in your life. There are 5 types of accommodation you can choose from:



Living with an Australian family was a very popular option in the exchanges of the 1990s – 2000s. Today it is still an option but less popular, we must say.



To rent an apartment or house in your name, you will need to apply for a tenant and provide the documents requested by the real estate agent.

Shared house

Shared house

In this case, the rental contract is already in the name of a resident, who only needs someone with whom to share expenses and housing. This is the most viable practice among students, and it is widely practiced by Australians themselves as well.

Share Accommodation Companies

Share Accommodation Companies

These companies offer everything from studios to single or shared rooms in apartments with other students. The advantage is that the residence is already furnished and with all the conveniences you need to start life in Australia.

Hostels & Hotels

Hostels & Hotels

These are temporary solutions that can be very convenient. In hostels, there are shared and private rooms. The common areas (bathroom, kitchen, games room) allow you to socialize with travellers from all over the world. The hotels, on the other hand, provide greater privacy and, therefore, certainly a higher cost.

Uni Accommodation

Uni Accommodation

Living on campus can be an option for those who appreciate the convenience of living close to the place of study, along with other university students. Most universities have apartment condos on or near campus.



The option to pay for an apartment or room on AirBnb is quite popular in Australia. The cost will depend on the location and quality of the property, but in general, it is more affordable than staying in a hotel.

Any other questions?

Any other questions?

Be Ozzy can help you find a place to live. Often the schools themselves also offer this advice.

In addition, someone always has a friend who needs a room or a roommate. Therefore, letting your colleagues know that you are one of them can also help in this search.

Find a place to live online

The websites listed here are the most popular for listing houses, apartments and rooms for rent:
We have listed the best sites for you to start seeing the best options for your budget.

Cost of living in Australia

Australia’s cost of living will depend on 3 factors:
Educational institution and level of education; city and city location; habits and lifestyle. According to the Australian Government, the annual cost of living (except school and visa expenses) is as follows *: AU $ 21,041 per year per student, or about AU $ 1,700 per month + additional AU $ 7,362 for the spouse + AU $ Additional 3.152 for child. (Oct 2019)
A survey of Bond University students revealed that they spend between $ 1,600 to $ 2,200 a month to live in Robina, QLD. In large cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, it is also possible to cover a student’s monthly expenses (accommodation, food, household bills, transportation and entertainment) in this range of values.

Sources: Bond and Sydney Education

Sydney Education

The best links for you to solve your life in Australia

Be Ozzy made a blog post that will help you solve your entire life in Australia. They are very useful links that you should bookmark now!

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The minimum wage in Australia, for a full-time employee (38 hours per week), is $ 740.80 per week, or $ 19.49 per hour. It is common for some companies to make the payment fortnightly, which makes sense, since the frequency of some expenses is also every 15 days.

In Australia the government collects taxes from your salary. A portion of these amounts can be refunded at the end of each fiscal year, beginning in July – or after you leave Australia permanently.

The employer in Australia also needs to make a contribution to their retirement fund. In most cases, the amount corresponds to 9% of your earnings and can be withdrawn when the resident or citizen turns 60. In the case of international students, the values are refunded when he leaves Australia permanently.

Telstra is known as the one that offers the best signal, but Vodafone and Optus are the most popular. These 3 companies offer very advantageous prepaid packages, whose values vary from $ 10 to $ 40, depending on your internet usage needs. Local calls and text messaging are generally unlimited. There are also some new and smaller operators, but it is too early to assess the quality of their services.

It is simple to open a bank account in Australia. Be Ozzy is partnered with one of Australia’s largest banks – Commonwealth bank – known to Aussies as Commbank. To find out more, talk to us.

The main means of public transport in Australia are trains and buses. They cover the main points of large cities, are very efficient, punctual and have a high-quality fleet. Depending on the state, students may benefit from discounted tickets. Ferries are a very common form of transportation in coastal cities like Sydney, while in Melbourne the cable cars run nonstop in the centre.

As Australia is a country of continental dimensions, there is also great geographical and climatic diversity. In the North there is a tropical climate with a lot of sun and variable humidity. In the center of the country, the desert climate of the outback results in hot days and cold nights. The further south you go in Australia, the colder it gets – Tasmania is even the closest state to Antarctica.

Of the big Australian cities, Adelaide, in South Australia, is one of the cheapest places to live. Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, also offers a more affordable cost of living for students. Gold Coast, in Queensland, is also an option for those who prefer coastal cities with lower prices than large centres.

In most states in Australia, students can drive with an International Driver’s License or sworn translation of it. Most countries can issu an International Driver’s License, but it must be translated by a sworn translator or official body. In Northern Territory, the International license is only valid for 3 months.

At the end of each tax year (between July 1st and October 31st) if you worked using your Tax File Number, you need to declare your Income Taxes. You can do this yourself or through an Accountant. The Government will reimburse you a portion of the taxes collected. If you are leaving Australia permanently, you can request a refund outside the indicated period.

One of the safest and most popular ways is through companies that specialise in international transfers, such as Transferwise. You can also bring a Travel Money Card, which can be topped up your country’s money and is automatically converted to the currency of the country where you are located.

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