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Work in Australia

Can a student work in Australia? Not only can, but we understand that this is the best way to expand your networking, gain local experience, practice English and, of course, add that money.

What do I need to be able to work in Australia?

How many hours can a student work in Australia? During the school term, those on a student visa can work 40 hours a fortnight. When on vacation, the number of hours they can work is unlimited.

Most common jobs among students:

If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you will find countless job opportunities in Australia. The time it takes to find a job will mainly depend on two factors: your search effort and your level of English.

The industries below are quite heated and are almost always hiring:

– Hospitality: cafeterias, bars, restaurants and delivery services
– Retail: shops, supermarkets and boutique
– Services: babysitter, elderly companion and people with special needs, cleaning, pet care
– Administrative work
– Assist in warehouses, factories and removal companies
– Vacancies in the construction industry

Getting a job in the field of training in your home country is also a possibility for international students. However, in general, it takes more time, as Australian companies place a lot of emphasis on local experience.

The Australian labour market is very receptive to the qualified workforce of foreigners. There are even many international students who work in the area of ​​IT, architecture, engineering, among others.

How to get a job in Australia?

Finding work in Australia can be easier than you think. Below we list some surefire tips when searching for a job to call your own.

More informal places (waiter, attendant, dishwasher, barista)

For vacancies that require less technical qualification, establishments usually advertise the opportunity on their own façades. Take advantage of the trip to school to be aware of opportunities.

Your application must follow the instructions indicated in the advertisement, which are usually followed by providing your resume in person or sending in by email.

Be Ozzy tip:

Even if you just send your resume by email, it is very worthwhile to go into the store to talk to the manager and get more information about the vacancy – and, of course, take the opportunity to sell your fish.

Be Ozzy Premium tip:

Keep a note of the places where you leave your resume so you can repeat the round the following week. During these visits, ask about the recruitment process – not with the intention of being boring, but to demonstrate your real interest in the vacancy.

Most popular websites:

Corporate vacancies

In the case of jobs that require specific training, the dynamics are similar to many countries around the world. Vacancies are advertised online, so you only need to adapt the curriculum with the relevant experiences and send it out.

In general, entering the local labour market can take longer, especially when you have no previous experience in Australia.

Most popular websites:

Be Ozzy tip:

It is worthwhile to search for vacancies that require a lower qualification than the position you had in Brazil. Startups offer very attractive opportunities for paid internships and can offer the initial experience you need.

Self-employed professional (cleaning, babysitting, delivery, web developer)

Working on your own can be a breadwinner until you find a steady job or even gain a permanent character.

If you want to provide services on your own, we have 5 tips:

1 – use your contacts to advertise your services;
2 – suggest to your customers that they recommend your services to their acquaintances;
3 – advertise on the murals available throughout the city, such as those of community centres, libraries and commercial establishments;
4 – post on specific buy and sell websites (Gumtree is the most popular of them);
5 – join virtual groups where you can find potential customers (for example group of mothers, pets, small business owners).

Most popular websites:


In Australia, any and all types of work are respected and valued by society. This is reflected both in fair wages and in moral recognition, regardless of the status level of the vacancy.

The first local experience may not be the dream job, but it will open doors to new opportunities – or at least guarantee a roof to shelter you.

Have a good relationship with your colleagues, customers and managers. In addition to helping with the reputation of countrymen, it is quite common for subsequent employers to turn to them for professional references from you.

Be Ozzy promotes workshops through which you can learn from interviewing techniques to tips on how to write a resume that impresses any employer.

Best websites for Job Searching in Australia

The sites listed here are the most popular for listing vacancies and job opportunities.
We have listed the best sites for you to start seeing the best opportunities for you.

Perguntas frequentes

International students in Australia can work 40 hours bi-weekly and, during school holidays, for an unlimited time.

Getting a job in Australia depends, in large part, on your effort and willingness to get out of your comfort zone. The better your English, the greater the chances of getting a legal position in less time.

Tailor your resume to the local market. Highlight the relevant experiences for the job you are applying for. If possible, take courses and certifications related to the area of interest. Deliver your CV in person or send by email, if the vacancy has been advertised online. Also, let your friends know that you are looking for an opportunity.

The minimum wage in Australia, for a full-time employee (38 hours per week), is $ 740.80 per week, or $ 19.49 per hour. Students are paid according to the number of hours worked.

According to the Australian government, it takes AU $ 21 041 per year to cover the cost of housing, food, household bills, transportation and entertainment in Australia. This corresponds to AU $ 1600 per month.

– Valid visa – the most common is a student visa

– Tax File Number (registration with the government for tax and Superannuation purposes)

– Superannuation Account

– Bank account

– Specific certifications depending on the area (RSA to work in bars, White Card to work in works, for example)

It is possible, but jobs that do not require language skills are usually the ones that require the most intense physical effort. Be Ozzy encourages its students to focus on language learning, as it will expand their opportunities in Australia and in life.

Has living in Australia always been your dream?

Now is the time to start planning and Be Ozzy is here to help you.

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